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Let’s Face it, whether you’ve owned a home for years, or are just purchasing a new home; common sense dictates that your home’s garage door will require maintenance, and reparations now and then, especially in the wintertime. The winter season is famous for causing broken door springs, it can freeze your door to the ground, and it can cause your door opener to malfunction.

Besides the general winter damages, other common damages can inflict your garage door such as a noisy door, broken glass, broken door springs, rust,  an unresponsive operator, a halfway opening door, even a door that opens and closes right away on its own. Damages can often occur depending on what kind of door you have if it is metal or wooden, and the weather. In this article, we’ll take a look at some common garage door damages, that can occur in the winter and some simple repairs that may keep the door working for a couple of months more.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs are a very common reparation that is needed, especially in the wintertime. Studies show that garage door springs last around 10,000 cycles making it very easy to forget to perform maintenance checks during the winter season.

A simple way to test if the springs are working correctly is to lift the door about halfway up and let it go. If the door begins to move down little by little, it means that it’s time to get the springs checked out, if it stays in place, then the springs are still good. Installing a safety cable is also an excellent way to protect against broken springs in the winter. The safety cable acts as a weight counter by exerting enough force to keep it in place. Having the safety cable installed is not a spring replacement, and an expert should be contacted when a spring breaks even if the safety cable is connected.

Opener Problems

Issues with lubrication caused by the winter can be a nuance. It is not uncommon for lubricants to change consistency due to the cold temperatures, Proper lubrication is necessary to keep the moving parts running smoothly. What’s worse is that openers are generally programmed to stop and reverse if an object is obstructing its path, making thickened lubrication count as an obstacle to its sensors. It’s possible for the motor to interpret changed lubricant consistency as the door running into something which will cause the door to come to a stop. These issues most likely require an expert to resolve.

Water Damage Can Easily Cause Garage Door Problems

Commonly found in wooden doors, precipitation that occurs in the winter time may cause a wooden door to swell up. This causes the space between the door and the frame to close, causing them to rub against each other. This can even cause the door to get stuck where it is which will keep it from opening. Keep rain gutters clear so that water runoff doesn’t splash onto the floor causing additional swelling to your garage door.

Top of the Line Garage Doors is the Best Way to Combat These Winter Damages
It is no secret that a broken door is a haphazard to you and your family, especially if you try to handle the repairs on your own. Leave it to the pros! Call us right away to help you with any of your garage door needs!

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